Experience a unique after-school adventure with our Harmony Aerial Suspension Yoga program, designed for tweens and teens aged 9-14. Introduce the joy of Suspension Yoga™ to your child with interactive, hands-on, and fun flows that take their yoga practice off the mat and up in the air.

Is your adolescent yogi ready to level up? Enroll them in this innovative program that combines aerial and grounded asana for an engaging and uplifting experience. Elevate the well-being of your tweens and teens with Harmony Aerial Suspension Yoga – where the joy of yoga intertwines with the excitement of suspension!

  • Age Group: Tweens and teens aged 9 to 14.
  • Advanced Registration: Secure your spot by registering in advance. Limited spots available for an optimal experience.
  • Equipment Rigged to Attendance: To ensure a personalized experience, equipment is rigged based on attendance.
  • Interactive & Fun: Our Suspension Yoga™ program is hands-on, interactive, and filled with enjoyable flows that keep your teens engaged.

 After-School Suspension Yoga™

Fridays 4:15-5pm

July 12 – Aug 16, 2024

6-Weeks Summer Program

Join Our Aerial Suspension Yoga™ Program

  • Space is limited, please pre-register to secure your spot.

– Summer 2024 Enrollment Open!

Start With A Private Suspension Yoga™Lesson!

1 person 30 -45 minute session
Up to 3 people: 45-60 minute session

Requirements: Instructor approval is required to attend this class. 

  • Call 805-558-3634 if you have any questions.
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