Fitness + Work = [productive + mindful] = Wellness

Shared Workspace + Fitness Time

HARMONY WORKS is a Co-Working Space Dedicated for Building a Wellness Community.

A perfect match for working moms and dads with young child, Startups, Entrepreneur, Dancers, Creators and Yogis of all ages.


CoWorking Space

Dedicated private or shared desk of your choice.

Relax your Mind

Have more control in everything against your challenges   

Fitness Equipments

Weights, yoga mats,  straps and blocks. 

Strengthen Your Body

Believe in your own potential 

Yoga Clinic

Yoga instructor on site for adjustment and questions. 

Nourish Your Soul

Live from the inside out your mental and physical wellness 

“Your Physical Environment is a Mirror of Your Inner World”

Your space is a reflection of your life and business. By making changes in your space, you shift the energy patterns in your work and life. Energy must flow in alignment with your intentions and the direction you want to take your business. The workspace is not just where you spend most of your time, but a window into and an extension of your subconscious mind.

Building a Community

Creating a shared workspace, a yoga and wellness community while sharing space and culture of working together in harmony and making business engagements. 

Features & Amenities: *Private Table and Designated Workout Area *Yoga and Fitness Support *Priority Use of Meditation Lounge *Aromatherapy *Free Wifi *Tea & Coffee Bar *Healthy Snacks *Fresh Veggies and Fruits

Also, we offer a membership or hourly rate that are flexible and affordable for freelancers, working moms and entrepreneurs. 

Regular Business Hours:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 9am to 4pm

Meditation Lounge Hours:

Monday – Friday: 9am to 4pm

After Hour and Weekend Access:

Sat. & Sun Open by Appointments

Please book in advance.

Zen Working Space to Cultivate Positive Energy and Productivity

Reserve Your HARMONY WORKSPACE today

Hourly Price
$45/ 2 Hours
Day Pass
$75/ Day
$180/ month unlimited
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