Key Benefits:

  • Relieves back pain and increases spinal mobility.
  • Allows gravity to naturally and gently align the spine.
  • Suspended inversions contribute to better posture and greater spinal mobility.

Ready to take your yoga practice to new heights? Start with a Private Suspension Yoga™ Lesson and discover the joy of aligning your body, mind, and spirit.

Experience the Heights of Wellness with Aerial Yoga!

Elevate your practice with Aerial Yoga at Harmony Family Yoga. Combining aerial and grounded asana, Aerial Suspension Yoga™ utilizes an adjustable sling of fabric for support and added handles for stability. It’s a delightful and beneficial practice that incorporates backbends, forward-bends, twists, side-bends, and hip-openers with combined traction.

Upside-Down Bliss:

In every Suspension Yoga™ class, experience the invigorating benefits of going upside-down, a crucial movement for holistic well-being. These inversions relieve back pain, enhance spinal mobility, and promote better posture.

Private and Small Groups

  • Aerial Serenity Solo Session:
  • One Person: $150 per 45-minute session
    • Celestial Connection Duet Experience:
    • Two Participants: $160 ($80 per person) per 45-minute session
  • Gravity-Free Harmony Trio Session:
    • Three Participants: $180 ($60 per person) per 45-minute session

Space is limited, please pre-register to secure your spot.

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