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Yoga is a profound exploration of self, a beautiful expression of the soul. At Harmony Family Yoga, we invite you to begin your journey towards inward focus, aligning mind, body, and heart. Discover the path to a healthier lifestyle through mindful breathing and purposeful movements. Start your transformative practice with us today!

Ready to embark on a transformative journey into adult yoga?

Our exclusive New Client Offers are designed to introduce you to the enriching world of wellness at Harmony Family Yoga. Unlike a single-class trial, we offer you unlimited passes to truly experience the essence of our community.

Whether you choose the Two-Week Pass or the One-Month Unlimited, these offers serve as your gateway to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Embrace the gift of wellness, discover the transformative benefits of yoga, and find your perfect routine at Harmony Family Yoga. Whether you’re a newcomer to yoga or seeking to deepen your practice, we’re here to support you on your journey to well-being.

Introduction to Yoga


For just $59, indulge in a Two-Week Unlimited Adults’ Yoga that grants you access to a variety of adult yoga classes. Immerse yourself in the serenity of our studio, exploring the transformative power of mindful breathing and purposeful movements. This pass allows you to meet different instructors, discover various yoga styles, and establish a routine that perfectly fits your schedule.
Unlimited For 30 Days


If you’re ready for a more extended exploration, our One-Month Unlimited Adult Yoga Special is the perfect option at $99. Enjoy the flexibility of attending classes for 30 consecutive days, each session carefully crafted to enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Please note that this offer excludes Prenatal Yoga and Sound Bath sessions.


It is time to slow down and go inward. Check-in with yourself and reflect on the challenges when facing uncertainty in life. We want to acknowledge the nature of transformation and continue to practice grounding activities like meditation and breathwork that calm the mind and body. Yoga is Unity.

Social Wellness: Stay connected with other people in the community. Maintain positive relationships with family and friends.

Emotional Wellness: Understand ourselves and cope with challenges that life can bring. Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Spiritual Wellness: Establish peace and harmony in our lives. Stand up for what you believe in, and be confident in your decisions.

Physical Wellness: Listen and understand our bodies to achieve a healthy quality of life that allows us to get through our day to day activities without stress.

Mental Wellness: If ever you’re feeling overwhelmed, we are here to address what may be the cause and find a positive counteraction to help you resume a healthy lifestyle with a balanced mind and healthy body.

Ready For Your First Class?


Wear a comfortable fitness attire. Check in at the front desk. Need water, blocks or straps? We got you covered.


Share history of any injuries or current physical limitations. Doors close at the scheduled class time. Be sure to be mindful of your body and surroundings.

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