Little Yogis Kids Yoga Program

Build a Healthier Body and a Stronger Mind

  • Age Group: Designed for kids aged 5-10 (Kindergarten through 5th grade).
  • Class Duration: Enjoy 45 minutes of fun and learning in each class.
  • Semester: Join us for the Spring Semester, starting with our first class on March 5th. (No class on 3/26 & 4/2)

Tuesdays 4:15pm–5:00pm

Spring Semester: 3/5 - 5/7 (8wks)

Enroll your child in a program that goes beyond the physical postures. Little Yogis Kids Yoga Program is a sanctuary where they’ll develop skills for a balanced, happy life.

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Membership Option:

    • Price: $119 per month (Includes: Four class credits)

Winter Session Package: Join the full 8-week program

Single Class Price: $35

Benefits of Kids Yoga:

Develop Strength and Body Awareness:

Kids cultivate physical strength while becoming more aware of their bodies.

Build Resilience and Self-Esteem:

Through yoga, children learn valuable tools to enhance resilience and boost self-esteem.

Yoga Tool Belt with Mindfulness Breath and Meditation:

We provide a special yoga tool belt, including mindfulness breath and meditation techniques.

Emotional Management:

Learn how yoga helps manage emotions, providing a healthy outlet for expression.

Enhance Concentration:

Our classes are designed to improve focus and concentration in a playful environment.

Safe, Non-Competitive, and Nurturing:

Keep your little ones active in an environment that nurtures growth without competition.

🌈 What’s in Store for Your Child?

  • 🤸‍♂️ Physical strength and body awareness
  • 🌬️ Mindfulness breath and meditation tools
  • 🧠 Improved concentration and focus
  • 🌈 Joyful emotional expression

Join us for a journey of physical and mental well-being, where your child will blossom into a Little Yogi!



Why Practice Breathing?

  • Manage Emotions: Learn how controlled breathing helps children handle their emotions, including anger.
  • Magical Effects: Discover the enchanting impact of calming and energizing breath techniques.
  • Focus and Concentration: Slow down busy minds, fostering improved focus and concentration.
  • Balance Nervous System: Through consistent practice, kids develop tools to balance their nervous system.

Teaching Meditation to Young Children:

  • Visualization with Yoga Stories: We incorporate imaginative yoga stories to make meditation engaging.
  • Guided Meditation: Your child will explore their imagination through guided meditation, finding a unique and safe inner space.
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