Ceremonies and Rituals

A call to go deeper, beyond a yoga pose, to navigate the formless that awakens within the form in the yoga-spirit culture.

Full Moon Circle

March 9th, Monday

4pm- 5.30pm

$25 / person

Childcare is available for additional $5 / Child.

Full Moon Circle 
To breathe, rejuvenate and pamper yourself with the natural gift from within.
Gathering under the full moon for a guided meditation with Aromatherapy. “Opening up and Letting go”. We will talk about the brain-heart connection with essential oils and how we can use them to open and release negative energy and emotional baggage. Followed by a 30 min guided meditation based on the mind-heart connection. Total duration around 90 minutes. Fresh Tea served. 

doTerra Wellness Advocate

Cacao Ceremony

Kid’s Cacao Ceremony:

Join Cami of Heart Medicine in a compassion circle where we will drink and learn about the magical powers of cacao (pure chocolate drink). We will also connect with each other as a group by telling stories and checking in.

Cami Coss is a certified yoga instructor and sound healer. With over 600 hours of certifications spanning from kids yoga to sound healing she uses her creativity to create space and healing for students of all ages. Join Cami for a magical class full of deep breaths, smiles, and lots of love.

She can’t wait to share the magical healing power of sound to all of us in the community. 

Sound Bath

New Moon Ceremony

The new moon is a time for reflection, resolutions and turning over a new chapter. Join our meditation practitioner and crystal healer for a 90-minute Ceremonial New Moon Ritual to set your intension for the next lunar cycle using crystals and a guided meditation. We gather to ground in the present moment, working gently through the layers of our individual awareness and spirituality, allow our minds, bodies and souls to float into a harmonizing state of being, and to release and renew.

Meet Crystal Healer Kristin, a balance-seeker and a space-maker. She shares therapeutic movement and self-care practices that nurture your nervous system and nourish your spirit. She completed a 300-hour certification in Ayurveda and Tantra Studies and currently weave these principles into her work with others through health, fitness and lifestyle support.
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