Welcome to the ‘Harmony Homeschool Yoga Circle,’ a thoughtfully curated yoga program specifically designed for homeschool kids. As a homeschool charter affiliated vendor, we understand the unique needs of families and now offer this transformative practice as an enriching addition to your homeschool routine. This program is crafted to foster both physical and mental well-being through the art of yoga, providing a holistic experience that includes mindful movement, relaxation techniques, and engaging activities. We recognize the importance of supporting students’ mental and emotional well-being during school hours, and our yoga practice is an excellent exercise to seamlessly integrate into their daily routine, contributing to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

What to Expect: We offer both in-person in-studio and virtual sessions to cater to your homeschooling needs.

Weekly Sessions: Engage in 45-minute yoga sessions, meticulously designed as a mindfulness break tailored to fit seamlessly into your homeschool schedules.

Mindful Movement: Tailored yoga sequences for various age groups promote flexibility, strength, and body awareness.

Breathwork and Relaxation: Learn calming breathing exercises and guided relaxation techniques to manage stress and enhance focus.

Benefits of Physical & Mental Wellness: Enhance concentration, reduce stress, and build emotional resilience.

Fun and Creativity: Explore yoga through poses, storytelling, and interactive exercises.

Social Connection: Join a supportive online community designed for homeschool kids to connect and share experiences.

Little Yogis Kids Yoga

– Empowering the hearts and minds through mindful movement!

Mindfulness Tween Yoga

– Enroll now to give your tween the gift of mindful living!

Nurturing Young Minds: An Enriching Yoga Experience

Connect with Harmony Family Yoga, an approved vendor for Blue Ridge Academy and Sage Oak Charter School, through your homeschool vendor list.

To inquire or enroll, simply find us listed under ‘Harmony Family Yoga.’ For any questions, feel free to reach out to us directly at 805-558-3634.

We look forward to bringing the enriching experience of yoga to your homeschool journey.

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