Sound Bath Meditation with Harp

Immerse Yourself in Frequency with Sound Bath Meditation to melt away stress.

Resonant vibrations, rhythms and tones alter brain states and relieve stress levels, alleviating tension in body tissues and cells that have fallen into “disharmony”. 

✨Enjoy a Chakra Healing Meditation
to bring you back into energetic HARMONY.

Weekly Group Class

Mondays: Chakra Healing Sound Bath

12:00pm – 12:45pm 

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with 6 to 8 weeks healing journey.

The Sound of Yoga

Mantras, chanting, and toning have been used for thousands of years. Sound healing can benefit our brain, emotions, and physical body. Scientific studies show that sound can produce changes in the autonomic, immune, endocrine and neuropeptide systems. The entire body, as well as our brain waves in a relaxed state, vibrates at a fundamental frequency of about 8 cycles per second. Studies have shown that sound healing can be beneficial to all stress-related conditions and relaxing to the body.

Sound healing can help with a variety of ailments including:

  • *Pain Relief  *Stress Management *Anxiety *Depression *Sleep Disorders 

Private Sound Bath

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