It’s time to go trick or treating… rabbit -style!

Want a treat? We’ve got TEN bunnies hopping around this time!

What’s the trick? Grab a costume and dress your little one up in some fun characters. 

Saturday 10/23

Bunny Yoga Hoppy Hours

  • Join us for a hoppy hour featuring Kids and Family Yoga to celebrate in a unique way
  • Geared towards younger children, beginner yogis and animal lovers
  • Welcomes any members in the Family  to participate
  • Do you know that bunnies are more active at evening time? We have a perfect spot for them to run around a beautiful tree in the outdoor garden.
  • Advanced Registration Required.
  • Family Pass: $50 including 1 adult and 1 child.
  • Individual Adult: $45.
  • Sibling Discount: $30 each additional child you bring.
  • *Children 12 years or younger are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult and remain on their yoga mat during class.

Halloween Bunny Yoga : October 23, 2021

Saturday Hoppy Hours (45min each session)

Session I Starts at 4:30pm.

Session II Starts at 5:15pm. 

  • It’s trick or treating, rabbit-style!
  • Wind down after a week full of work and study
  • Melt away stress with a relaxing hoppy hours of Bunny Yoga!
  • Mindful movements and Kids friendly Yoga and Meditation
  • Hand Feeding and Photo Opportunities

By combining the healing practices of yoga with the wholesome experience of being near adorable bunnies may help you find your inner-peace and feel more centered to live a fuller life. You’ll get the chance to pet, play with, and practice yoga alongside the bouncy and curious bunnies around you.

Space are limited, so please pre-register to secure your spot and plan to bring your own yoga mat.

Private Bunny Yoga

Want to host a party or celebration with bunnies hopping around?

Contact us for private bunny yoga events! We will bring the bunnies to you on-site in your backyard, or your group can join us in our studio garden.

Request information here: info@HarmonyFamilyYoga.com

Have you heard the buzz about Yoga with Furry Friends? 

Goat Yoga is just the beginning when it comes to stress release and benefits of our mental health.  Check out our new BUNNY YOGA and enjoy the benefits of yoga while spending time with adorable rabbits.

These sessions are perfect for those that are new to yoga to shake off their nerves to try, and great for anyone who simply want the chance to play with some cute bunnies in a fun way! We welcome kids of all ages and yogis of all levels to join and meet our new bunny friends!

Hear What Others Say

“It’s just like an ol’ yoga class, except there’s soft lil’ balls of fluff running around. Which basically sounds like heaven.” – BuzzFeed “There Is Such A Thing As Bunny Yoga And It Is Incredibly Cute” Sept.1 2020.

Yoga with Bunnies

Connecting with animals is a wonderful way to relax and heal naturally. Bunny Yoga combines the yoga benefits while you interact with some of nature’s most adorable creatures that are gentle on your body and mind.

Come visit the Harmony Family Outdoor Yoga Garden and connect with your inner-self in a zen setting. Meet five Holland Lop Bunnies and a Flemish Giant Rabbit. Achieve greater wellness with families as you focus on developing inner strength, balance, and calm breathing, while creating closer bonds with each other and nature.

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