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  • Membership Bliss: $119/month for four classes.
  • Summer Sessions: Dive into 6 weeks  – only $189!
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Discover the Mindfulness Tween Yoga Program

 – Cultivating Well-being for Growing Bodies and Minds!

  • Age Group: Tailored for tweens aged 9-13 (4th through 8th grade).
  • Class Duration: Immerse in 45 minutes of mindfulness and exploration in every session, where you’ll discover the art of breathing, yoga, and mindfulness meditation.
  • Semester: Embark on our Winter Journey, kicking off with our opening class on January 11th.

Fridays 3:15pm–4:00pm

Summer sessions: 7/12 - 8/16 (6wks)

Empower your tween’s well-being! Join our program designed to nurture their growing body through yoga stretches, breathwork and mindfulness meditation; promoting not only physical health but also contributing to their mental well-being.

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to spark emotional well-being and and de-stress for a resilient, balanced adolescence!


Tween Yoga Program Highlights

Soothing Breathwork Practices:

Calming and energizing breath exercises alleviate anxiety, promoting mental well-being.

Emotional Well-Being Focus:

Alleviate anxiety and promote mental well-being, providing stress relief tools during adolescence..

Nurturing Emotional Well-Being:

Facilitating self-acceptance and aiding emotional management during crucial adolescent years.

Empower with Mindfulness:

Equip tweens with mindfulness tools for navigating challenges and building healthy habits.

Guardian of Physical Wellness:

Yoga stretching protects growing bodies, reducing the risk of injuries during physical activities.

Yoga as a Lifelong Wellness Choice:

Encourage a commitment to lifelong health, viewing yoga as a positive and enduring lifestyle.



Why is Yoga Crucial for Tweens and Teens?

  • In the tumultuous tween and teen years, where distractions abound, sleep troubles surface, and restless minds prevail, the impact on their confidence and mental well-being is significant. Yoga becomes a transformative tool, enhancing flexibility, strength, balance, and stamina. It not only addresses issues of obesity, stress, and anxiety but also fosters mental clarity and improves sleep quality.

How Does Tween and Teen Yoga Differ from Kids Yoga?

  • Navigating preadolescence and adolescence involves coping with emotional and physical changes, testing the mind-body connection. Our intentional yoga and meditation practices go beyond kids yoga, incorporating specialized breathing techniques, mindfulness guidelines, and advanced physical postures. Recognizing their enhanced abilities, we encourage longer pose durations.

At Harmony Family Yoga, we’re committed to creating a community where every child can experience happiness, grounding, and confidence. Let us support you and your family on this journey.

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