AUTO-PAY MEMBERSHIPS: The best value with a routine practice.

  • Embark on a transformative wellness journey by becoming a member today and unlock the countless benefits of a routine yoga practice within our mindful community. At Harmony Family Yoga, we redefine yoga as a journey inward, fostering inner peace and harmony. Through our approach, you’ll not only enhance your strength, flexibility, and mobility but also experience yoga as a profound tool for personal growth.
  • As a member, you gain access to exclusive offerings tailored to uplift your wellness experiences. Your membership is your key to a journey from the self to the self, providing a holistic approach to well-being. Start your transformative wellness journey today and discover the enduring rewards of a dedicated yoga practice.
  • Ideal for those participating in class 7 times per month or more.
  • Unlimited access to in-person, in-studio group Adult’s Yoga sessions.
  • Complimentary mat rentals provided.
  • Enjoy a 10% discount on events and purchases.
  • Receive one free guest pass per month.
  • Weekly inclusion of Sound Bath Meditation.
  • Annual membership option at Harmony Family Yoga.
  • Enjoy unlimited in-person Adult Yoga classes throughout the entire year.
  • Ideal for enthusiasts seeking a year-long dedication to unlimited classes.
  • Reward with a 15% discount on events, purchases, and any private sessions.
  • Embrace the consistency and elevate your yoga journey.
  • Ready to Make a Commitment to Change Your Life? Sign up today!

Form Lifelong Healthy Habits Together!

  • Monthly family membership subscription.
  • Experience unlimited in-person classes for one adult.
  • Include one child for weekly kids or tween yoga sessions.
  • Bonus: Receive a free pass for our monthly Bunny Yoga Special Event.
  • Enjoy a 10% discount on birthday parties and private events.

Yoga Packages

Single Class Rate for In-Studio Sessions

Single Adult’s Yoga $29

Sound Bath Meditation Weekly Class: $35

Prenatal Yoga Weekly Class: $40

Harmonize Your Chakras with Our Exclusive 7 Chakra Sound Bath Package!

Embark on a seven-week journey of transformative soundscapes featuring crystal bowls and therapy harp, designed to align each chakra for profound balance and harmony.

Tailored Wellness for Moms-to-Be – Harmony Prenatal Yoga Packages:


Experience the Best of Both Worlds with Our Prenatal and Adult Yoga Monthly Membership!

  • Attend one Prenatal Yoga class and one Regular Adult Yoga class per week.
  • Enjoy 8 classes for just $225 per month.
  • Save $41 compared to purchasing Prenatal and Adult Yoga classes individually. Unlock the perfect blend of relaxation and fitness on your wellness journey!


Embrace Tranquil Wellness on Your Pregnancy Journey with Our Prenatal Yoga and Sound Bath Monthly Membership!

  • Join one Prenatal Yoga class per week.
  • Immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of a weekly Sound Bath.
  • For $250 per month, indulge in 8 classes and nurture your well-being.
  • Save $40 compared to purchasing Prenatal Yoga and Sound Bath classes individually. Elevate your prenatal experience with this exclusive blend of serenity and sound therapy!

Intro Offers

  • Introducing our exclusive Introductory Offer! New clients are invited to revel in the enriching experience of unlimited adult classes at Harmony Studio. During this special period, enjoy the added benefit of a Free Mat Rental to enhance your practice.
  • Designed with beginners and newcomers in mind, this offer provides an ideal opportunity for anyone new to our studio to embark on a journey of self-discovery. With over 50% savings compared to purchasing individual classes, it’s the perfect chance for beginner yogis to experience the transformative power of working inward. Embrace the harmony within and make the most of this introductory period tailored just for you.

2 Weeks Unlimited Adult Yoga Classes 

(Not include Prenatal or Sound Bath)

1-Month Unlimited Adult Yoga Classes 

(Not include Prenatal or Sound Bath)

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Celebrate special occasions by gifting our Harmony Gift Card to that special someone. Spread wellness and joy effortlessly.

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