Trauma Informed Yoga

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Instead of seeking success, people seek for balance and seek harmony in life. When you find the flow of life, open your awareness and heal the past and childhood trauma, you live in harmony with yourself and the universe.

With this trauma-informed yoga practice, we share the journey of yoga beyond asanas (poses), by introducing you to yogic breathwork and mindfulness meditation to uplift your mindset and transform your body physically, and emotionally.

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Finding Harmony Family Yoga and working with Cici has been a life changing experience for me. I had wanted to try yoga for a very long time but struggle with anxiety / panic disorder so the thought of a group class was daunting. I saw that Cici offered private sessions and as soon as I read that she was trauma-informed, I picked up my phone and booked my first session with her. I came to her in April 2021 as a complete beginner to yoga and now a few months in I feel a huge difference in my health and my strength, physically mentally, and spiritually. Cici was welcoming from that very first phone call, and she has been nothing but supportive, patient and kind through our practice together. I am so grateful to have found her and my only wish is that I could have found her sooner! – Client

Connecting With Your Inner-Self

One of the ways that yoga is different from traditional exercise is that we strive to turn our senses inward instead of searching for information from the outside world. By turning our awareness inward, we can increase our ability to perceive and learn where we put our energy, leading the senses towards the self.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety with pranayama, movements, guided meditation and sound healing. This trauma-informed yoga is for those who are looking for healing from past trauma experiences, mental or physical, as well as increasing overall energy in our daily lives.
  • A trauma inofrmed yoga is practice goes beyond asanas (poses), with an emphasis on body-based yoga forms and breathing practices. Yoga, in general employs physical forms and movements to help you build a stronger body with more balance and mobility. However, a trauma informed yoga emphasis is not on the external physcial appearance. Rather, the focus is on the internal yoga experience of the participant.
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