At Harmony, we offer traditional yoga practice in a non-heated, beginner-friendly environment.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a beginner friendly class and an excellent introduction to yoga for anyone who is not naturally flexible. This Hatha class provides an opportunity to stretch, unwind, and release tension. This gentle form of yoga focuses on balancing the body, mind and breath and places emphasis on proper alignment.

Harmony Flow

Harmony Flow is our entry-level vinyasa flow with introduction to breathwork, mindful movements and meditation. We believe that if you can breathe you can do yoga. Join us to align your mind body and breath and connect with your inner-self.

Yin/Restorative Yoga

Yin/Restorative Yoga helps to restart our systems, increases our energy levels and is great for our joints, ligaments and connective tissue. Reduces stress and anxiety while improving our concentration and memory.  This Lunar (moon) style of practice helps to keep ourselves out of the fight, flight or freeze response. Allowing us to change unconscious reactivity to conscious response.

Lunch Flow

Lunchtime flow is designed to de-stress busy workers and provide a calm midday oasis in between your daily activities. This class will be composed of gentle vinyasa where you flow by linking your movement to your breath. We aim to provide you with that extra energy to get you through that afternoon drag and keep you invigorated throughout the day!

De-stress Yoga

Wind down your day with a super chill flow and easy stretches for stress relief and anxiety while releasing tension and promoting relaxation. De-stress with a grounded relaxing flow of stretches in the first 30 minutes; melt anxiety with the last 30 minutes of calming practice as you hold yin postures and taping into your connective tissues. Beginners are welcome!

Introduction to Meditation

As a practice, meditation can help us in real ways in our daily lives by changing the dynamic by which our minds move toward what we want and away from what is difficult. It helps us discover the natural joys of the present moment, rather than remaining fixated in the past or worrying about the future. The purpose of this class is to help you learn how to seek, and perhaps find, yourself. The class will include meditation instruction and practice, short talks, mindfulness to deep breathing meditation techniques and discussions. This class is suitable both for people curious and new to meditation as well as those with more experience who wish to practice within a group setting.

Candlelight Yoga Nidra

Slow down, lay back, and relax on the mat.

Guided Yoga Nidra is known as the yogi sleep that offers the deeper and effortless experience of enlightenment. The Evening Meditation class is your ticket to good night sleeps and making karma consciously work for you. De-stress and quiet your mind, join us for an incredibly healing meditation gathering.

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