Elevate Connection, Strengthen Bonds with Partner Aerial Yoga!

  • A unique parent-child bonding experience with individual and partner poses in the gentle embrace of aerial suspension yoga. 

Introducing our inaugural Parent & Child Partner Suspension Yoga Workshop at Harmony Family Yoga! This exciting event invites parents to create unforgettable moments with their children aged 4 and above in a unique and captivating way. Join us to strengthen your bond through individual and partner poses, featuring inversions, balancing, and stretching. No previous yoga experience is required.

Join us for this one of a kind opportunity to connect, build strength, and create lasting memories for your family!

What to Expect:

  • Bonding Bliss: Strengthen the parent-child bond through a series of individual and partner poses in the gentle embrace of suspension yoga.
  • Elevated Connection: Experience inversions, balancing acts, and stretching exercises designed to deepen your connection while soaring to new heights together.
  • Mindful Moments: Delight in a mindful and joyful session that introduces the benefits of Suspension Yoga™ in a playful and accessible way.
  • No Experience Required: This experience is tailored for all levels, making it a welcoming quality time shared with parents and kids, even if it’s your first time trying Aerial Yoga.

Private Family Session Pricing:

    • Two Participants: $160 ($80 per person) per session
    • Three Participants: $180 ($60 per person) per session

Embark on an elevated journey with your child. Book your Harmony Partner Aerial Yoga now! Call 805-558-3634 if you have any questions.

Space is limited, please pre-register to secure your spot.

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