About Harmony Family Yoga

Harmony Family Yoga is created as a premier yoga studio, wellness center and international school of learning that offers yoga for all ages. Through the beneficial and inspirational traditions of yoga and meditation, Harmony Family Yoga embodies the ancient eastern concept of “和” (harmony), contributes positively to share the wisdom of living in harmony with ourselves, families, social and natural environments.

Harmony with Yourself: Practice yoga and mindfulness to unite the mind, body and soul.
Harmony in a family: Shift awareness towards total self acceptance, respect and compassion for others.
Harmony in the community: Cherish loving kindness and give back unconditionally. Cultivate joy, freedom and ultimate serenity. Spread love among all on Planet Earth.

Our primary goal is to create a change in which people may learn to live in harmony with themselves, with each other as well as in harmony with nature. It is necessary to promote the value of harmony in order to achieve a balance among the economic, social and environmental needs of our present and future generations. We believe that Harmony leads to a positive change in homes and communities, and social harmony improves peace and cohesion among the nation and the world.

Yoga Instructors


Cici Bo

Children and Teens, Trauma-informed Yoga and Meditation

Cici Bo is a mother, a daughter, and a lifelong learner. She has dedicated herself to yoga and incorporating its philosophy into her family life since discovering its joys and benefits. She earned her RYT 200 Yoga Alliance certification, Children and Teens, Trauma-informed Yoga and taught her first children’s yoga class for physically and mentally challenged children at an orphanage in a local village outside of Ubud in Bali, Indonesia. Cici was inspired to see the joy on every child’s face while attempting each movement despite their limitations.

Cici’s background includes working on the creative and production side in the film and television industry. She was also a principal dancer for 10 years with an award-winning youth dance academy during which time she performed with numerous live-performance productions and recordings. 

Now she aims to share the healing she experienced through yoga with families and friends throughout the community. Cici’s goal is to create a nurturing, safe and non-competitive space for everyone to receive the benefit of yoga by offering a practice that you can embody in your daily lives and find balance mentally, physically and spiritually. She shares yoga and mindfulness education to help and support children, parents, and families in our community with the mission of harmony.

Katie Cottier

Pre and Postnatal Yoga

My passion is helping my fellow mamas find wellness, happiness, and peace through yoga and community. I believe that yoga is the perfect complement to motherhood to help us be our happiest and healthiest selves possible. I hold a MA in Teaching and am a YogaWorks trained RYT, RPYT (Prenatal and Postnatal Specialist), and certified Kids’ Yoga Instructor. I’m also a mama to two mini yoginis. It is truly a privilege to be a part of so many women’s pregnancy and motherhood journeys, and I love being a continuation in the long line of women supporting women.

Sarah Fitzgerald

Teen and Adult Yoga

I have maintained a personal yoga practice for almost 18 years that began with prenatal yoga during my first pregnancy. Yoga meant so much to me and became such an important part of how I live my life, that I decided to pursue teacher training to both deepen my practice and hopefully share if with others. I am now a registered 500 hour RYT with Yoga Alliance. My training is from Yogaworks and I began my journey as a yoga teacher in 2017. It is an honor and a joy to teach! My mission is to help students quiet their minds; to improve flexibility and build strength; to encourage a lifestyle that is healthier and far less stressful; and to help them feel successful on their mats.

Holly Umann

Yin and Restorative Yoga

Yoga is a passion and a way of life for Holly.  Seeking peace; a place away from the noise and a longing to learn how to have harmony in her everyday life, Holly found Yoga, or rather, Yoga found Holly.  Listening to the rhythm of her breath while looking inward, Holly fell in love with Yoga.  That love transformed her and became her calling to teach.  She sought to expand her learning and understanding by attending the Santa Barbara Yoga Center and the Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica. 

Holly has had the blessing of teaching for 12 years.  Included in her teachings are; Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Yoga for Children.  Currently, she teaches a Yin/Restorative practice in the hopes that she can help others to “Be still and find what’s within.”

Ondrea DeVincentis

Senior Yoga

I started my yoga practice 18 years ago, by completing certifications from Maha Yoga, Sacred Movement, Mini Yogis and Yoga Works. Studying with master teachers Max Strom, Saul David Raye and Shiva Rea. Teaching while I was pregnant brought me to the realization harmony and peace begins in the womb. For the past 8 years I’ve been teaching yoga at Maraposia School of Global Education. Working in the classrooms and with the after-school enrichment programs, teaching yoga and mindfulness to children from kindergarten through eighth grade. Being a Mom of three, I see first-hand and the positive results of teaching children to connect with their breath, body and mind… and have fun while doing it.

Our Practice



In order to best facilitate family yoga experiences, Harmony Family Yoga made conscious decision to use products made of organic materials, and eco-friendly mats and yoga gear.


With eco-friendly activities and green products, we aim to build a true and trust relationship to allow children and adults of all ages to engage in fun activities in a safe environment.


Sharing yoga is a unique experience and a lifelong journey from the self to the self. Living holistically for a better physical, mental and emotional health by living our life in a way that is both natural to us and the world in which we live.


Giving back is always our priority as we engage with the families in our community. Making one change at a time, we work together with local business and non-profit organizations to cultivate good karma and build a yoga community with loving kindness.
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