Disconnect from Digital – Reconnect with Yourself

We can’t pretend that the modern digital world doesn’t exist all around us, with its constant pressure and demand for our attention. We can, however, learn to live in harmony with our technology by letting go of it. Join me and give yourself permission to disconnect from the digital and reconnect with yourself. And don’t worry – the digital world will still be there when we’re done.


Guided by Bret Dubin:

Sound Healing Practitioner – Present with Sound

Maybe not quite what you imagine when you think of a sound healing practitioner, Bret began his journey in sound with music. Starting with piano at a young age, he eventually moved on to playing drums and composing music of his own. Although he was always instinctively aware of sound’s ability to transport and transform, it wasn’t until he experienced his first sound bath that he connected the dots of how to direct that energy into connection and healing. Using his deep understanding of sound frequencies, musical notation, and the way the intervals & movement between notes affect us at a cellular level, Bret channels powerful harmonic energy through singing bowls and gongs to create soothing sound baths that will leave you feeling grounded and restored.

Date: June 8, 2024

Time: 6:00 – 7:00pm

Place: Harmony Family Yoga

Cost: $35.00

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