Postpartum Yoga
Healing & Recovery

In our busy modern world new mothers are not given the time to heal and
recover. We are missing the link between our diet and healing, and more
and more mothers are suffering from anxiety and a lack of energy. We
rush back into our exercise routine at the 6-week mark without taking
the necessary steps to reconnect with our inner core. Without rebuilding
core function we risk getting injured down the road.

This workshop is a chance for you to slow down and nurture yourself.
Reconnect with your body and mind and relax in a supportive and calm
environment. Let’s focus on you and your postpartum recovery-
physically, mentally and emotionally.

Program Dates:

Wednesdays 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Program Fees:

$29 / Session; 6 Classes Series $150;

Newborn babies are welcome.

Meet Natalie Elliott:

Natalie is a birth doula, specializing in pre- and post-natal yoga. Her sankulpa (heart based intention) is to empower women to trust their bodies and intuition in order to move, flow, and birth from a place of peace and ease. Using a blend of Hatha and vinyasa, her class offers variations for each movement and allows you taking the time to feel into a pose as well as finding a flow.

Postpartum Recovery

Let’s clear up the myth that leaking is a normal part of motherhood and
the expectation that we are supposed to “bounce back” quickly. We’ll
discuss the hormonal changes and nutritional needs after birth and how
you can support these to balance energy and mood. You will discover
where to start with exercise after baby, how to heal diastasis recti and
incontinence, and most importantly how to move safely throughout your

You will leave this workshop feeling stronger, more aligned and more
empowered to nurture yourself and your baby.

Non-crawling babies are welcome.

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