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Get your body moving and mind awakening with Cici’s online family friendly, fun and nourishing yoga and meditation videos on demand. Connect with your inner-self and transform your mind and body at the comfort of your home. Share this practice with your children and family to enjoy the benefit of wellness yoga together.

Features and Benefits

Take less than 30 minutes a day: time is one of our most valuable assets. These video contents are designed for you to take a workout break or a mental pause from your daily agenda.

Practice Self-Care: build mind-heart connection while spending time on the mat and with ourselves. Set a routine workout for better cardio and circulatory health and improved respiration, energy and vitality.

Practice at your own pace: allows you to choose from a variety of sessions and lead your own journey with flexible start and finish time.

Children Inspired Home Practice

Age-Specific Programs

Get a monthly subscription kids mindfulness yoga at home.

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Yoga On Demand

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Harmony On Demand Yoga Program:

*Does NOT include live instruction by teacher.

Starting at $49 USD/month.

Kids & Family Yoga

Breathing Exercise

Sun Salutation (Hello Sun!)

Yoga Story

Animal Poses and Games

Partner Poses

Mindfulness Meditation

Adult Yoga

Pranayama: Breathe for Health

Asana: Yoga Pose Clinic

Full Body Workout: HIIT

Heart Opening Sequence


Restorative & Yin

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