Do you want to have more mental clarity, find inspirations and take more control in your life?

Meditation at Harmony is specially designed to

  • Hep you ignite your light from WITHIN
  • Lift up your souls with wisdom
  • Find mental balance and personal clarity
  • Ultimately feel happier in life.

In times of uncertainty and changes, Meditation can guide your busy mind in navigating your way out of worries, fear and anxiety and into joy, ease and peace. 

Join the Meditation for the Here and Now to find the balance with a fresh mind. Looking to increase appreciation, gratitude, and happiness.  

In the coming year, do you have the courage to commit yourself to make something happen that is bigger than you? The quality of life will only truly change when we change WITHIN ourselves.”

– Sadhguru

Take action now to join Fresh Mind Yoga Challenge to have a fresh beginning, feel happier and be wonderful in life. 

Mondays & Wednesdays 


Single Class $27

Monthly Program Enrollment: $89

Explore seated mindfulness meditation, moving meditation, sound healing and mantra meditation.

Renew your body and revitalize your mind !

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