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Harmony Family Yoga is proud to announce the beginning of our Online Live Yoga Class. Our vision is to create a virtual yoga platform through which we will continue giving to our existing students and will also have the ability to reach out to even more people regardless of their location. Connect with your inner-self through mindful breathing, yoga pose and meditation to find peace within. We are stronger together as a community.

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Virtual Yoga and Meditation for children and adults are held weekly

Unlike most online yoga classes, this class will not be pre-recorded but live. Students with a web camera on will be seen by the instructor while they practice and receive feedback, as if the instructor was right there in their living room. Also, by the class being live, students can interact with the teacher and with each other as though they were all practicing in the same room. We know that a real class is ideal and we will try to make this one feel as close to real as possible.

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Kid's Yoga Online

Kids are natural yogis! The Little Yogis class incorporates storytelling, music, games and expressive arts to keep your child curious and engaged. Kid’s Yoga classes also include breathing exercises and relaxation methods and give children tools they can use to cope with stress and regulate emotions.

Family Yoga:

The benefits of family yoga help adults reconnect with their inner-child and allow the children to spend some true quality time. Enjoy practicing yoga together while we support each other and most importantly to have fun.



A magical journey through meditation and sound. We will start with some gentle yoga movement to become present. Then we will journey into a guided story meditation. Once we feel relaxed we will move into sound healing complete with quartz crystal bowls, and many other surprises!

Candlelight Sound Bath:

Join Cami of Heart Medicine for a meditation and sound experience. Together as a community we will learn how to harness our breath, and clear our energy. Leave feeling connected and calm.



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Share your practice with children and bond through yoga.

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