Being committed to peaceful, informed and respectful labors, this Prenatal Yoga Series focuses on the power of natural birth as well as labor options and when interventions may be necessary.

Each week, we will practice breathing, meditation and asana in relation to the theme. Each theme builds upon the last as a journey through pregnancy in preparation for birth and motherhood.

  • Rediscover the alignments of your body
  • Learn to work with breathing techniques in reducing fear and uncertainty.
  • Increase your confidence in your changing body
  • Surround your family with joy in this amazing experience of birthing your newborn

6 week series

Thursdays 10am- 11am

April 13 – May 18, 2023
  • Full Series¬†$200 (6 Sessions);
  • Single Class Drop In: $40
  • Most Flexible: 10 Prenatal Yoga Pack: $330
  • *Any unused class credits may apply towards the next series.

Meet the Instructor

Prenatal Yoga & Childbirth Preparation

As a wife to an elementary school teacher, mother to two children and a baby with 4 paws, Kat is a certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor, registered Nurse, Holistic Pregnancy and HypnoBirthing Educator.

Kat experienced a beautiful, unmedicated birth with her daughter. She is passionate about teaching women how to have a positive and calm transition into early motherhood. She loves all things related to natural birth and lives to inspire others looking to have a positive birthing experience.

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