Parent Effective Training (P.E.T.)

Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) classes, developed by Dr. Thomas Gordon teach parents how to communicate more effectively with kids and offer step-by-step advice to resolve family conflicts so everybody wins. P.E.T. workshop is an 8-week group parenting class teaching you proven communication skills to help you become compassionate without being permissive, and to be more assertive without bribery, yelling or commercialized techniques such as time-out.

The Overall Goal of P.E.T. is to teach parents very practical communication and conflict resolution skills to create more happy and satisfying relationships with their children. Parents take the full workshop will learn:

  • How to talk to your children so that they will listen to you.
  • How to listen to your children so they feel genuinely understood.
  • How to resolve conflicts and problems in your family so that no one loses and problems stay solved.
  • A method for troubleshooting family problems and knowing which skills to use to solve them.

This program was created by award-winning psychologist and three-time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Dr. Thomas Gordon in 1962. Offered by certified P.E.T. Instructors.

Parent Effective Training book cover
Cost is $350 individual, $450 couples including materials.

A minimum payment of $50 is due up front to secure your spot. The remaining fee is due after the first session.

Join us on February 6th, Thursday at 5pm. $29 Pre-Registration Recommended.

Come early for a 30 min complimentary family yoga class starts at 4.30pm.

Stress Free Family Eating – Simple Ways to Help Your Child Have a Healthy Relationship with Food.

Concerned about your picky eater, overeater, sweet tooth kid…

We’re going to explore all these issues and more! We’ll cover the 7 most common challenges you face when feeding your child and 10 practical ways to address them to decrease the stress and promote joyful eating in your family. 

You’ll walk away with:

◾ Practical solutions for your most difficult eating issues 

◾ Less stress about family meals 

◾ Peace of mind that you’re raising confident and healthy eaters 

◾ 2 printable guides: 

-10 Principles for Stress Free Family Eating 

-Easy Family Meals Everyone will Eat

In the end you’ll feel joyful, less stressed, and have actionable techniques you can apply immediately.

This workshop is designed to reduce stress, make mealtimes easier, and help you feel confident in raising your child to have a healthy relationship with food.

Nicole Cruz



Nicole Cruz, MS, RDN is a registered dietitian nutritionist, mom of three, wife, and eating disorder specialist. She has a private practice located in Southern California, devoted to helping others reclaim their joy and find food freedom. She works with clients from all walks of life to transform their relationship with food by practicing from an intuitive eating perspective and non-diet approach. 

Since becoming a mom, Nicole has been working to support parents in fostering a healthy relationship with food for their children. She has a private Facebook group, Joyful Eating for Your Family, and she offers virtual nutrition coaching to parents. She is passionate about transforming the way we view food and nutrition so we can live full and balanced lives at peace with food.


Childbirth Preparation, Breastfeeding & Newborn Parenting Support

About the Instructor: Brenda Hunter, MS, CLC, CBE is the founder of the Butterfly Center at Horizon Hills Parenting Program where she taught Childbirth Education Classes & Newborn Parenting Classes and provided lactation support to the breastfeeding mothers. She is honored to have provided labor assistance in 131 natural childbirth deliveries supporting empowerment, connection and the amazing skill of the newborn.

The way in which newborns enter the world and how parents view their roles, Brenda believes, sets the tone for future behavior. Knowing this, Brenda expanded her social work experience and education receiving additional training from the California Department of Education, Josephson Institute of Ethics, and Hospice of the Conejo. She also holds certificates in childbirth education, labor support training, lactation counseling, and infant massage.


5 week series meets Wednesday evenings from 6:30-9:00 pm at Harmony Family Yoga.

First Session: Feb. 26th, Mar 4th, Mar 11th, Mar 18th, Mar 25th.

Being committed to peaceful, informed and respectful labors, this Mindful Childbirth Education Class focuses on the power of natural birth as well as labor options and when interventions may be necessary.

Through information, practice and support, couples become empowered and gain a stronger sense of control during the labor process.  Understanding the abilities of the body during labor and how to work with contractions rather than against them greatly reduces fear & significantly increases confidence in this amazing experience of birthing your newborn.

Class will include:

  • Signs and stages of labor; understanding the birth process; knowledge is power

  • Advantages of Natural Childbirth-Practice of non-medical comfort techniques.

  • Labor options :Reasons for medical interventions

  • Looking at feelings, fears, confidence  and empowerment!

  • The role of the labor partner; benefits of strong support,

  • Finding your voice; birth plans

  • Becoming a family, the first hours after delivery

Use the power of being prepared to have a positive labor experience!


PRICE: $350 per couple.

Imagine Your Evolution:
Imagine Your Evolution is your weekly hour of personal development. Grow from week to week as you learn about communication with self, communication with others, accessing your subconscious mind, disrupting disempowering habits, creating empowering habits, being your best self in any moment and many more things to help you thrive.

Arno Koch

Peak Performance Coach, Speaker and Master Practitioner of NLP, Mental and Emotional Release®️ and Hypnotherapy

About: Arno Koch is a Peak Performance Coach, Speaker and Master Practitioner of NLP, Mental and Emotional Release®️ and Hypnotherapy. Arno left the business world after spending 13 years in engineering, sales, product management and business development in Germany, Switzerland and California. Always skeptical, he entered the field of personal development from an unusual angle. Pursuing a very structured approach, he breaks down complex coherences into easy digestible chunks, ensuring maximum retention and a very entertaining experience.

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