Yoga is more than a workout, it is a work inward. 

Beyond the Yoga Poses, Equip Your Teenagers with Mindfulness Tools to Deal with Life’s Challenges and Build a Healthy Habit. 

  • Yoga helps preteen and teens with self acceptance
  • Learn to use the power of breath to manage emotions in adolescence
  • Become mentally, emotionally healthy
  • Discover the magical effects of calming and energizing breath
  • Solve their sleeping problems and break unhealthy patterns in a easy and safe community. 

Our children and teens are distracted away and pulled apart in so many directions with trouble sleeping and restlessness minds. The problem of obesity, built-up stress and anxiety result in their lack of confidence and even more serious problems.

We believe that every kid deserves to feel happy, grounded, and confident in their life. We Are Here to Help Build a Community to Support You and Your Family.

Teens Virtual Yoga Program – 6 Weeks

Time: Wednesdays and Fridays
Dates: Jan 11 – Feb 19

3PM – Live Streaming & Recorded

Full Program: $150 / 12 Sessions


This Christmas Holiday, we are offering Twelve Days of Yoga Xmas as a Virtual Gift to you and your loved ones.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 10am, CiCi will lead a taster session of Chair Yoga, Kids and Family Yoga. Bring your family and check it out. There is something sparkly for each family member and the sessions are completely free.

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