Reclaim Your Feminine Power

This workshop is for all women who are ready to step out of the fear and
live life more empowered and purposely.

Learn all about the main energy centers (chakras) and how you can
connect to your feminine wisdom by tapping into the natural energies of
your menstrual cycle and connecting the mind, heart and womb.

We will use meditation, breathwork, movement, visualization and various
exercises to move energy and release whatever is holding you back.
You’ll get to explore your creative center and reconnect even deeper
with your body to become more aligned- physically, spiritually and

You will find a new appreciation for your own body and be able to make
more conscious choices that will serve you.

Date: April 7th
Cost: $29

The strategies taught in this workshop will help you:

– Live life more authentically and true to your inner self
– Manage stress
– Reduce anxiety
– Release tension in your body
– Practice self love and self compassion
– Claim your creativity
– Have deeper relationships with your loved ones

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