Introduction to Qi Gong Masterclass

June 26th, Sunday

1PM-3PM at Harmony Family Yoga. 


Balance your thoughts, emotions, and physical well-being through the practice of gentle movements and breath. In the introduction session, you will begin to learn about personal Chi Gong Healing.

Breath and Consciousness

When we connect to our breath we re-connect to the infinite power within ourselves. In Chi Gong, the center of this energy is the dantian. In this workshop, Sifu Avi will help open and guide you to connect with your dantian. You will learn the ancient secrets of the breath, and how to use the breath to activate the powerful storehouse of energy within you. With gentle movements that assist us in achieving this connection, you will see a difference in your life.

Have more energy in your day, power in your step, and take control over your life.

Qi Gong Breathing Workshop

5/30 – 7/18 Mondays (no class 7/4)


Join Us to Learn :

–  The Chi Gong Breath of Life

–  Consciousness of breathing

–  Breathe from your dantian

–  Chi Gong movements from the Wu-Dan and 8 Brocade

–  Focus your thoughts

–  Access internal energy and fulfillment

Become more focused and therefore achieve more.

Balance emotions and care for others more easily in relationships.

Build your Chi – your life energy and stamina.

 See your whole life improve!

$151 for 7 weeks

with single class drop in option $27.

Workshop Starting May 23th!


Meet Avi & Rebecca

From business to relationships, Avi covers it all. After being a Sargeant Major in the Army, he knows how to lead people in the right direction. As an R&D family-owned alternative energy public company, he knows how to run businesses. Now as a Grand Master in Chi Gong, he is certified to teach people how to connect to the powerful energy that flows through ourselves and change our life for the best. Avi and Rebecca met in Los Angeles, and found a deep, common interest to help people become more positive by sharing ancient wisdom and practices. As husband and wife, they work together to teach Chi Gong, meditation, and soulful consciousness.

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