Power Yoga Workshop with Yogi Maha 

Mondays 10- 11 am

at Harmony Family Yoga. 

A transformative and thematic holistic power yoga class that encompasses pranayama, philosophy, subtle anatomy, alignment and lifestyle components.

The practice is designed to build strength, balance, flexibility, stamina, and detoxification, all within the context of a seamless unbroken vinyasa flow that links the breath with the movement.

$29 per single class drop in

Included in Harmony Membership.


Maha is a living example of the hero’s journey and is dedicating her entire life to spread the transformational techniques that saved her very life.

Meet Yogi Maha

Maha Bodhi, M.A. is one of the most powerful yoga and meditation teachers in Los Angeles. Alongside Michelle Obama and Serena Williams, Maha is represented by The Harry Walker Agency as she leads captivating inspirational speaking engagements, international yoga retreats, yoga teacher trainings and special events for Fortune 500 corporations and is featured in the upcoming HBO documentary “Scars Unseen”.

After surviving a brutal upbringing of being enslaved as a female in Yemen, forced into arranged marriage twice, surviving multiple death threatening situations, and two civil wars before arriving in the U.S., Maha found her freedom and true self through the practice of yoga, meditation and modern neuroplasticity techniques.

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