To a Healthier and Better You

Strengthen your body, transform your mind and nourish your spirit. Practice yoga with mindful breath and movements. JOIN A CHALLENGE and WIN!

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Inhale Courage, Exhale Fear.

Yoga is not all about flexibility. The benefits of yoga can be achieved from breathing with each movement mindfully. Open your hearts to fully accept yourself and others, respect nature and love unconditionally. Let’s try to stop judging ourselves or criticizing others, by shifting focus inward and spreading love to all around us. 

During these 10 days we invite you to practice heart opening poses and target the shoulder, spine and back to work on it actively and passively. We share tips to prepare you for a different pose each day as well as options for variations for all levels of yoga practice. 

Pose Lineup:

1 Bow Pose. Dhanurasana.

2 Camel Pose. Ustrasana.

3 Cobra Pose. Bhujangasana

4 Half Frog Pose. Ardha Bhekasana.

5 Locust Pose. Salabhasana.(Shark) 

6 Dance Pose. Natarajasana

7 Bridge or Wheel l  

8 Wild Thing/Flipped Dog

9 Forearm Stand

10 Half Pigeon

10 Low Impact and Joint Friendly Poses

Beginner Friendly and No Equipment Needed.

A Perfect Time to Reflect and Self Care.



Inhale Peace, Exhale Happiness.

There are so much uncertainty in life, whether in our society, career or personal life. Things are constantly changing and no feeling is permanent. It is extremely important to stay grounded and keep calm when we face major changes in life.

Please join us in this 10-day journey to be resilient with the flow of life. Pick any poses you like and create your own asana sequence. Trust this journey and surrender yourself. 

Tag us and share your flow sequence with creative poses. Thank yourself for dedicating the time to practice yoga at your sweet home.   


Inhale Love, Exhale Gratitude.

Animals are known to increase dopamine and endorphins. Combining yoga and animals is therapeutic. Our pets often sense human emotions and are alert to the level of our anxiety. The way we breathe has a direct effect on our pet’s central nervous system, and that is why yoga is so helpful. 

When we practice mindful yoga in a relaxed state of mind with our pets beside, they pick up our energy whether they participate or not. Partner yoga with your pets to relieve stress and deepen the natural bond.


 TIPS: Smaller PETS can be lifted during poses like “Warrior I”

  • Practice stretching alongside a larger pet.
  • Rest together naturally during quieter poses and let the benefits of yoga naturally flow to you. 
  • Don’t force it and let your pet lead you. 
  • PET Yoga is Fun for Kids!


To a Healthier and Better You

Let your breath lead each movement and practice mindfulness in motion. Strengthen your body, transform your mind and nourish your spirit. Find a harmonious alignment between the heart and mind. Connect with your inner-self.

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